EMC Prague Pinnacle Award Winner

Tom Keane Microsoft Pinnacle Award Winner

Microsoft vice president and general manager Tom Keane won the WashingtonExec Pinnacle Award. The winners are awarded in an annual program that incorporates successful executives and entrepreneurs. Kean noted that the organization is concentrating on enterprise promises that ensure customer data and workloads are secure and available.


As the successful Microsoft engineer states, for an owner of a mission or one building his tools, one can access a rich set of cloud capabilities of her own choice. He says that Microsoft has had a long, rich history of empowering the software development community. At Microsoft Corporation, the software developer and engineer Tom Keane is proud to have the world’s best developer tools and platforms and supports a wide range of industries and space.


Tom Keane says that Microsoft’s power of extracting data collected from space can help transform all industries. Since the announcement of Azure Space, Microsoft has been able to focus on expanding its Azure Space environment by partnering with different industry leaders in the space world. This move is efficient as it can empower customers to achieve more. 


Through a partnership with Airbus, the outstanding Microsoft Corporation is extending its goals to make Azure Space the program and ecosystem of choice. To take unequaled commercial innovations, the Azure group announces the general availability for government top secret (Techtimes).


Tom Keane explains more about this concern. The announcement is a milestone in providing evidence of Microsoft’s persistent dedication to the national security goal that enables customers to realize their vision. Customers can communicate, control their satellite and generate data through Azure Orbital, a run ground station service.