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Ron Gutman Is a Serial Healthcare and Technology Entrepreneur

Ron Gutman is a serial entrepreneur who has been in the business of providing healthcare and technology solutions for over a decade. He has been a leader in medical technology and healthcare innovation for many years. Gutman started his medical technology business in the United States and has since expanded into the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and other countries. 


He has provided innovative solutions in the medical and healthcare fields for over a decade. Ron Gutman has been providing healthcare and technology solutions for over a decade. As a managed services and technology business, his primary focus is on driving significant value from technology by driving value from technology. As one of the fastest-growing and largest enterprises in the United States, healthcare and business expert Gutman is well-known for its innovation in healthcare and technology. 


At the outstanding healthcare corporation, they are also well known for their passion for their employees and the value they offer through innovative employee benefits. Through their healthcare and technology businesses, CEO at Intrivo organizes offices around the United States into five key regions: the West, Midwest, South, East, Southeast, and Northern Tier. Ron Gutman explains that these offices are responsible for marketing, selling, and serving their respective regions. 


In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Gutman is a prominent public speaker and public health influencer. He started his medical career in the early 1980s, working in medical research. Ron Gutman subsequently moved into the management and development of business enterprises and has led innovation in the healthcare and technology industries ever since. 


Gutman says it’s essential to consider the source and nature of the information you’re looking at when working with health data. For example, you might be looking at data from a medical center or a private practice, and there may be inconsistencies or inaccuracies in the data. Ron Gutman explains that that can lead to false conclusions about your patient’s health or treatment and could also lead to increased costs. In such cases, Gutman says it’s helpful to create a file that tracks all the data, including inaccuracies.