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Tom Keane: Building In Azure Allows for Space-Based Development beyond Earth’s Atmosphere

The ecosystem is constantly being developed, with new and interesting add-ons, resources, and tools constantly being added to make it easier for enterprises and startups to scale their business operations as Tom Keane recalls. Azure Enables Space-Based Development is among the multiple benefits of building and operating a business online with Azure. Several great resources and tools in the ecosystem can help you get started. 


You can start by looking at the Azure Enthusiasts community, where you can meet like-minded people and find resources and advice. You can also join the Azure Enthusiasts Slack channel, which is a great way to stay connected with other developers. Tom Keane explains that it’s achieved by providing a platform for the development of space-based applications that are independent of the systems and processes used to operate them.


This will, in turn, improve the reliability and security of space-based applications. The operational complexity of space-based applications is a major impediment to their development and deployment within the cloud services industry. According to Tom Keane, these complexities result from the need to develop, test and deploy multiple systems designed to work together precisely over extended periods while working under extreme conditions. 


Communication between these systems, while they are in orbit, is also complicated. It has to occur over great distances and through different mediums such as radio waves, light beams, and even lasers. In addition, Tom Keane recalls, communications between ground stations and satellites must be done through complex network infrastructures.

This infrastructures include features such as satellites, ground stations, and terrestrial networks, Tom Keane finally adds. All these factors make it difficult for developers to develop reliable software components. Those can be easily deployed into a Space System without extensive testing on actual hardware models similar to what was once deployed in orbit.