Ross Levinsohn, The Arena Group and Sports Illustrated CEO Propels Both Companies to New Heights

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is the CEO of The Arena Group and Sports Illustrated. His impressive career can be traced to his time at Fox News, where he helped grow the channel into one of the most successful brands in cable news history. He has since been able to translate this success into business and sports endeavors with a striking vision for each company that spanned many years. Within 18 months, Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn had revamped SI and TWC (Turner) to the point that both companies were able to reap benefits. Looking back, his vision was so strong that you could see how he would make it all work out. He has taken the same principles that helped him succeed in business and translated them into becoming a highly sought-after speaker, business pundit, and author.

  1. The Arena Group Sees Continued Success Under Ross Levinsohn

The Arena Group is a sports and entertainment company formed by Ross Levinsohn. The firm specializes in identifying, acquiring, and operating live event venues, including arenas, stadiums, and national theaters. Ross Levinsohn has so successfully led The Arena Group that he is now one of the world’s most sought-after business leaders. Sports Illustrated Group operates a scalable technology platform that allows the company to move into new markets rapidly. The SI Group is capable of developing sports and entertainment brands across a range of multimedia products, including television, radio, and digital.

  1. The Numbers Get Better

Sports Illustrated is one of the nation’s best-known titles and is published under The SI Group. Revenue for Sports Illustrated more than doubled in the past year, primarily due to a significant increase in digital subscribers and advertising sales. They have been able to capitalize on their brand recognition and increased interest from advertisers. The Arena Group, another one of Ross Levinsohn’s companies, has also seen immense growth. His company is positioned to become one of the fastest-growing firms in all of sports entertainment this year. In the future, Sports Illustrated CEO says that their plan includes focusing on social media, where youths are the target.