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Reeve Benaron Talks about New Voices in Science Fiction

Reeve Benaron is an author, poet, and author of over a dozen books. His debut novel, The Sun is Also a Star, was followed by the short story collection All My Puny Sorrows in 2018. He has been a columnist at The New York Times Magazine contributing editor at Thought Catalog and Book Riot, and his work has appeared on BuzzFeed


Since graduating from Vassar College with a degree in English literature in 2014, Benaron has been exploring writing across genres. His poetry often focuses on themes of mental health difficulties.


His achievements

His debut novel, The Sun is Also a Star won the “New Voices in Science Fiction” category at the National Book Awards. Reeve Benaron explains, “I think that the award means a lot to me because it was given by folks of my generation and people familiar with young adult fiction and science fiction. 


Even though I wasn’t aiming for it to be considered just for young adult readers because I feel like there’s so much more to my book than just young adults. But, Reeve Benaron adds, I think that part of why it resonated so much with readers is because most of the characters are in high school or trying to figure out what they will do next after high school”.


In his debut novel, The Sun is Also a Star; the protagonists are Natasha, a girl from Jamaica, and Daniel, a Korean American boy. Benaron explains that he aimed for the two characters to be “powerful collaborations of their cultures and not markers of them (Youtube).”


Benaron has stated that he writes books “in a conversational tone and using as much accessible language as possible to get readers involved in the story, ” specifically for readers who may be struggling with mental health issues. The author Reeve Benaron was inspired by his younger sister, who worked with such matters after she accidentally burned down her house when she was 14.