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Longevity Prize Receives 2nd Largest Donation from Justin Sun

The Longevity Prize is an alternative to traditional research funding options. This gives people new opportunities where there wouldn’t be. Many lucky researchers have utilized the prize, and donations are more important than ever. Thanks to entrepreneur Justin Sun, the Longevity Prize has received its second largest ever donation.

Justin Sun is an entrepreneur powerhouse and is also the founder of a blockchain DAO System. He founded the system TRON. Valuing advancements in technology and humanity, Justin praises the Longevity Prize, telling how he hopes that his contribution of $51k helps to promote more discoveries and advancements on longevity as researchers work to break the aging code.

The Longevity Prize seeks to help researchers with discoveries regarding age-related disease. Researchers involved hope to eradicate such diseases as Alzheimer’s and similar age-related complications. There are multiple prizes that can be awarded.

Justin Sun is a crypto-entrepreneur that values philanthropy. Justin Sun has stated that he believes that life is the most precious thing, and that extending the average lifespan would be monumental for the universe. Because of this belief, he joins the top contributors with his generous $51k contribution.

With the help of Justin Sun and his contribution, the prize can go on to fund dynamic research. This successful crypto-entrepreneur has made it possible for the fund to continue with what they do. Sun’s expertise is extensive, and it’s likely that the crypto and business worlds will be seeing much more of the young businessman.

The Longevity Project will begin accepting essays for the first round of award money, which will be in the sum of $20,000. Sun’s very generous donation has made this possible, with the funds now being available to hold the funding competition. This donation will help research efforts for the lucky few who are awarded the prize. Undeniably, Sun’s contribution will have an everlasting impact on the research to eradicate age-related diseases.