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Michelin’s Katelyn Berry on the Future of Electric Vehicles
According to Michelin’s Katelyn Berry, the future of electric vehicles is looking bright. In a recent interview, Berry discussed the advantages of electric vehicles (EVs), the challenges they face, and how Michelin is helping to develop more reliable and efficient EVs.

Berry believes that EVs have several advantages over traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. For one, EVs produce no emissions, which is better for the environment. EVs also tend to be more efficient than gas cars, meaning they require less energy to travel the same distance. And finally, EVs are becoming increasingly affordable as technology improves and production costs decrease.

That said, EVs still face some challenges. One is range anxiety: the fear that an EV will run out of power before reaching its destination. This concern is slowly being addressed as battery technology improves and charging infrastructure expands. Another challenge is “range creep”: the tendency for EV manufacturers to overestimate the range of their vehicles (often by as much as 20%). This issue is also being addressed through new testing methods that accurately reflect real-world driving conditions.

Michelin is working on several initiatives to help further develop EVs. These include Michelin Challenge Bibendum, an annual event that tests and promotes sustainable mobility solutions; Move One Emotion, a project that encourages people to use EVs for short trips in urban areas; and the Michelin Electric Vehicle Experience, a program that offers free charging and other benefits to EV owners.

Berry believes that EVs are the future of transportation, and Michelin is committed to helping make that future a reality. READ MORE: