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Health Carousel Has Made a Pledge to Support Nurse Education for $200,000 over the Next Three Years.

Health Carousel, a national healthcare provider, announced a three-year commitment to provide $200,000 in scholarship funding to support nurse education. The investment will fuel the growth of nursing careers and the development of future leaders in the healthcare system. “Nurses are critical to Carousel’s success, and we value our deep connection with them,” said Chief Executive Officer.

Health Carousel has employed almost 1000 nurses at its facilities since 2004. The facility has retained more than 97% of those nurses for more than five years. The investment is intended to help retain current employees and attract new talent for nursing roles at Carousel facilities. Scholarships will be made available for RNs working in pediatric, psychiatric, or adult care settings at Carousel’s facilities across the country.

“The firm’s commitment to nurse education reflects our dedication to improving healthcare delivery and the quality of care in America,” said Carousel President. “We are pleased to support ANA’s efforts to educate nurses and work on this important project.”

Health Carousel is a leading provider of patient satisfaction measurement tools for hospitals and health systems nationwide. The facility has offices in California, New York, Florida, and Texas.

Carousel is committed to supporting student nurses with financial aid and mentoring programs that help them transition into professional roles in their communities. The organization also supports nurse leaders through its Nursing Education Program with funding for continuing education programs.

Health Carousel’s divisions help healthcare organizations grow and modernize their facilities. The divisions also help healthcare organizations manage costs and streamline operations. Industrial Carousel provides a full range of solutions to support U.S. healthcare. Industrial Carousel’s divisions help healthcare companies upgrade and expand their facilities.

The company has witnessed first-hand the positive impact of nurses in the field and the positive feeling it generates in the communities they serve. Health Carousel believes that increasing the number of nurses in communities will directly improve health outcomes for patients worldwide. “We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to support this important work with our nurse partners,” said Health Carousel’s President and CEO, “We look forward to furthering our efforts in this space.”