Egypt Pizza Parlor

Happy Joe’s at El Cairo

Happy Joe’s is a family owned pizza company that prides itself on “fun, quality and of course pizza”. Most recently, the covid pandemic hit the world by storm over night and everything was forced to close down into further notice. 


Luckily Happy Joe’s was one of the lucky ones that managed to not only stay afloat but to stay successful. The company recently had an amazing opportunity and decided to jump in with both feet in being present at El Cairo. This opportunity was to open up a Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream in Egypt. 


With their doors just barely being opened they have already brought in more tourist attractions than ever seen before. As a matter of fact, the Happy Joe´s  company has thrived so brilliantly they have decided another strategy for their. chain.


This is that within the next five months they will be opening a handful more Happy Joe’s across Egypt (Places). 

This pizza restaurant also has fun during the holidays as well. During Halloween they are hosting a “Kids Halloween Bash” where each parent is able to bring their child with a Halloween costume on and they receive a little joe along with a free one topping of their choice. During Halloween times, Happy Joe´s will also be serving “spooky” drinks and half off appetizers!