Ever since I was young, guitar playing has always been part of my daily routine. You know what I mean if you are a guitarist too. As a child, I was only interested in becoming a rockstar or an astronaut. It’s really funny. That’s the whole point of childhood right? Being an astronaut was really hard to achieve since I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with rich parents. So being a rockstar was the only other choice. I learned guitar ever since I was a kid age 11. There were days when all I was holding in my hands were strings and guitar necks. I was so in love with guitar playing that I even brought my guitar to school and play it during my free time. You know how kids read books or text in recess or free time; I held a guitar instead. Playing and singing my way out of boredom. That is the thing about guitar playing; you just have moments of getting lost in the moment. Something about the music that detaches you from reality and takes you to somewhere spiritually distant from your physical location. As a young player, I was aware of this feeling. I never let go of that feeling when I get the chance to tap into that limbo. Anyway, Highschool kicked in and I was still into guitar. Singing and strumming through the stress and pressure of assignments and requirements. I slowly discovered my own music and genre. I realized that there were certain patterns that are always present in all songs that I play. I took time to pick them out and built my own analysis for my playing. I am not really someone who you would call fast handed. I was a very emotional player then. The type who makes funny facial expressions in musical tensions. I really enjoy it. I learned to not care of what others think whenever I am playing. The art of not caring what others say is very convenient when mastered. I could say that there are only a few people who think like me. In my high school, there were wannabe rockers. I was different. I took music in a very scientific view. I got hooked to music theory and chord tones. I enjoyed learning about music more than my friggin science lessons. I am very thankful the first time i stumbled the homepage for guitar critic dude. It was just a nirvana for me. All I needed to level was there. I constantly check it out for new stuff to learn or just because it has become a habit. A habit that I am not seeing myself give up for the rest of my life.